Gestoria Services

A Gestoria is undoubtedly an economic saving for all freelancers and companies unless they have the knowledge and more importantly the time to dedicate to the tax, labor and accounting aspects of their society.

On many occasions, entrepreneurs who have taken on the administrative challenges of their businesses themselves have made important mistakes that have resulted in severe penalties from tax authorities. By wanting to save, they ended up paying way more than they should.

Professionals with many years of experience usually work in a corporate agency responsible for, among other things, the provision of tax administration services, income tax and VAT returns, in order to avoid fines, it is necessary and essential that it is known what type of VAT from the marketed product or service is borne, as is income tax.

Another function of a company management is the administration of the economic aspects of the customer, such as e.g. B. the inflow and outflow of funds, salaries… or the drafting of company laws and policies, employment contracts, accounting for hours worked, overtime and night hours, discounts for social services, etc. This provides legality and financial security for both the employer and the employee when it comes to numbers. 
Our experienced tax consultants speak DE / EN and offer: Accounting / control of small, large and medium-sized companies, but also for self-employed, and everything from a single source
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