1 click 100 broker

An innovative idea by Nicolas Real Estate in Mallorca

With a serious search request to Nicolas Real Estate, we get in touch with the 100 agencies with whom we have a cooperation agreement in Mallorca to find your dream property for you.

At no additional cost to you! The agency commission is always included in the price and varies between 3 and 5%, paid by the owner of the property.  If we don't have a property that meets your needs and expectations, and agency X has such a property, we work together on the sale and each agency gets half the commission. 
This is a normal process and common in Mallorca. Nicolas Real Estate has perfected this and by the end of the year has 100 partners on board with over 4500 properties in the portfolio, allowing us to offer you an incredible range of properties.

With one search you will contact 100 agencies with more than 4500 properties in Mallorca.  Another possibility is that before contacting the agency, you send us the link of a property that interests you. If you are not already our partner, we will contact you and sign a cooperation agreement. Your advantage?

  • A contact person
  • No additional costs
  • Legal advice included
  • You don't have to contact dozens of agencies yourself
  • An Agent that speaks youre language